>One down, many to go

10 Apr

>Well we are officially free of our house as the money finally hit the bank yesterday. That’s one big step down and yet so many more to go, but it’s like a marathon, one foot in front of the other until you cross the finish line. Just knowing that a new Mercedes Benz is waiting with the keys in it is enough to forge on.

The news of our leaving didn’t hit everyone well, but I find that a lot of people can’t live out of their comfort zone and think we are crazy. I have never been one for that since the time my Dad had a chance to move from Illinois to Colorado we all said “YES” and haven’t looked back since. I always told myself that I could never move back to Illinois since it was so hot and humid and cold and damp, but here I am about to move to a place that is always hot and humid. The big difference is it’s in Costa Rica and short walk to the Caribbean.

One thing we have been worried about is how our dogs are going to survive in this climate being that they are Siberian Huskies and used to the cold. During one of our trips we had that question answered:

Now the only big worry is getting them on the plane and down there in one piece. Since we are taking a direct flight we are hoping to minimize the impact on them. Just another one of those steps that need to be taken.

I always get asked the question about; “What are you going to do?” And I guess besides keeping myself busy around the house and maybe building a little casita on the lot behind us all you have to do is look at this:

There are miles of beach with no one on them and lots of things to photograph.

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