>Anticipating the Anticpation

25 Apr


Well I have had the opportunity to live in a few different places other than the good ol USA. While growing up I spent 4 years in Brasil in a small town called Sao Paulo. Graduated from high school there, enjoyed every moment there. Except for the time the Policia kidnapped me and a couple of friends and held us for ransom, thank goodness one of our parents was willing to drive to I don’t know where and pay these guys off for our freedom. The jail was somewhere out in the middle of no where, no light, dirt floor, no nothing, just four walls and a small window with bars. Even with that little mishap Brasil offered a lot of things to do for a young person.

I spent a year in Korea building roads for the next big invasion from the north that never happened. Beat going to Viet Nam for sure. This was a totally different culture I had not been exposed to, far from the more laid back climate of Brasil. We had Korean Nationals assigned to our company so we were able to live their way of life and even went to visit their families on leave together. Interesting place but I don’t think I would want to live there.

I also spent a year living in Germany. I lived in a small apartment above a farmer and his wife. His name was Hans a very nice person and with some of my broken German I learned in school I was sort of able to communicate on a basic level. The little town was really quiet, except for the October Fest time, after the harvest things turned toward celebration knowing that the cold winter would soon be here.

Even with all of the moving around I have done, I guess I still call Denver home base. When we first moved there were no interstates, just little roads through town. It was still a cow town but as the years moved on more and more people started coming to town. More houses, more highways, more cars and more pollution.

Now I embark upon the next journey of my (our) life (lives), move to Costa Rica. We aren’t moving to the populated central valley or the over crowded/over priced pacific. We are moving back in time to the little town of Puerto Viejo located at the end of the road. This area has been forgotten by most, but is unforgettable if you have been. Is it paradise? Maybe, I don’t think any one place is perfect, Costa Rica has it’s good things and bad things about it, but it’s a place we have chosen to land.

So needless to say, the anticipation is building.

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