>New (Political) Era

09 May

> Our Road sign

Now that there is a new government in Costa Rica, we are moving down just in time to experience the first woman president in the history of Costa Rica. So far she has put a moratorium on gold mining, called for better security and safety and added more rights to working women. Not bad for the first day in office, that would have taken a couple of years here in the US to accomplish.

We are under 100 days before the big move. Next month will be busy getting our documents together that we will need for residency. Hopefully we can get everything done before we leave. We will need two birth certificates, one marriage certificate and two police reports all certified and authenticated. Piece of cake!!!

Downtown Shopping

The other thing will be a trip down to bring items to the house that we will need. We won’t be able to bring down everything but a lot of what we need right from the start. Things like computer stuff, art that we have collected from our trips to CR, other odds and ends, DVD’s, etc. I will pick up the car from storage and hopefully be able to drive the short route to Puerto Viejo. The road has been closed for about two weeks now because of landslides. When it was originally built the engineering was not stellar and each raining season things like this happen. If you have to take the other road it takes about 10 hours to drive instead of the 4 hours and is more dangerous.

I plan on leaving the car at the house and taking a bus back to San Jose. When we come back in August, we will hire a private van to take all of us to Puerto Viejo and not have to worry about having to pick the car up.

Our Street Corner

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