>Trading UP

10 May


Just so you know where we are coming from, this picture is of the BARN we live in now. This was the only place we could to find live while waiting to make our move after we sold our house. We did not expect this since we had been told that the average days on the market for a house in Moscow was around 200+/-. That would have put us at the end of July when we had planed on leaving. That would have worked out perfectly. But as it is, we are staying here. Don’t get me wrong, we appreciate the opportunity to have a place where we can keep the dogs.

Right after we signed the lease the owner got an offer (after sitting on the market for a year)and sold it to a young couple. They accepted the house as is, meaning they had to wait until our lease was up. This young couple is eager to get into their new place and start a life, we are eager to get out of this house and start ours. The next couple of months will be interesting as I am sure they will be around more often than not doing little things to the yard, bring stuff over to store, etc. You get the picture.

We will be blasting out of here as soon as we can, taking with us what we have left, dropping off bags of goodies to friends in Spokane who will be coming with us on the flight, and the rest to the kids to keep and bring down when they come.

I will gladly trade up to this.

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