>All These Documents

16 May

>Granted it’s only five pieces of paper, but they are an important part of the process to become a full time resident in Costa Rica. Two Birth Certificates, One Marriage Licenses and Two Police Reports. All need to be notarized, State Certified and Embassy Authenticated. It’s the last part that has me a little worried, just how do we get these there and back in time to leave in August.

Right now I am trying to come up with a plan to fly to Washington DC to stand outside the Embasy door to see if they will attend to my needs on a walk-in basis. The good thing is we have friends that live within walking distance of the Embassy. That would be a huge saving. I would also like to fly out of Denver while we are there instead of flying out of Spokane since there is no such thing as a cheap flight. Timing is everything. If we can get out documents back from the State’s long before we are ready to leave I just might.

Since Spokane is not a hub, flights in and out are very limited which makes things more expensive and longer flights.

None the less it looks like DC is in our plans.

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