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>Traveling with Dogs


Traveling with dogs is different. It is something that brings a lot of metaphors to mind but will spare you. Since we are motel bound for the next (forever) 12 days, it makes the choices of what you can and cannot do very difficult. Baby sitting comes to mind here since we can’t leave them alone in the room, we can’t go out to a nice restaurant, but we can love them!

I will be very happy once we get home and they will have their own place to run and romp.

It will still be freaky to leave them a lone, los perros no hablan espanol!

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>Moving Right Along


Well it is day two of our move from Idaho. Not to our surprise we still had way too much stuff and left things behind for the new owners, some handy some not so handy. Anyway they did say that if we didn’t want it they would probably be able to find a home for it.

After a grueling 15 hour drive we landed at our first stop in Casper, Wyoming to visit with family and friends (of Jana’s, since this is where she was born and raised). Our first night we stayed at an old motel that had converted all rooms to non-smoking. The only problem was we got a room that had been smoked in for the past 20 years and not redone, which made it very hard to breath. When you first walked in it hit you like a ton of bricks. I was surprised when at check in they made you initial that a $350 fine would be applied if you smoked in the room. So our next day was spent looking for a new place that truly had non-smoking rooms and are very happy with our choice. We were also able to drop the trailer in Jana’s moms garage where she is living now which makes it very easy to drive around town now.

Next big trip will be to Denver next Monday. I think we got things squared away for storing all the stuff so we can dump the trailer when we get there and not drag it everywhere. What a pain.

But I am waiting for the next Big Trip which will take us home.

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>Let’s leave NOW Part 2 – Final

>Ok, this one it too much to handle. Our landlords came over last night and asked what time we would be leaving on Wednesday. We said “Oh maybe around 4 AM.” She said “Well if we get here early, is it OK if we wait in our car outside until you leave.” Are they that crazy??? What difference does a couple of hours make?? My god, I can’t believe this is going on.

So maybe we will trick them and leave earlier!!! I really don’t want to wave goodbye, good grief, give us a break. How would you like your landlord showing ups at your place at 4 AM waiting for you to leave????

If they are there, a picture will be in order to share with everyone. Come on and let’s leave this place!!! People ask us why are we moving to Costa Rica, nuf said.

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>Controlled Chaos


Well today we had our last goodbye party with most of the folks we worked with. It was hot, but a good time none the least. Like we said; we will miss these folks here, but not over there. Anyway we hope to see these smiling faces in the near future at our house looking for a place to stay.

We now sit in an empty house with an air mattress for a bed, old leather white couches (nice!), no tables, no TV, just our bags that we are trying to fill for the trip. I guess you might call it controlled chaos as we put our few possessions into them. We are losing our washer and dryer on Tuesday so we will have to wash everything before that happens. So many things so little time.

Our list for Monday is lengthy and will take up most of the day to get all of the things done. I am not looking forward to the 13 hour drive to Casper on Wednesday but there is no other way to get there. “Cowboy up!”, I think is the phrase used around here. I have another phrase, but I will save that for later.

Well I guess it is time to stare at the blank walls and listen to the Ipod, thank god we have 17 days of music (thanks to our best friends who lent us their cherrished CD’s to rip, you know who you are!)

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>Last Work Day is Here

>After all the hand wringing the time has come to say goodbye to the work force. I am making room for someone else to take over and have a good time.

Now for the next 20 days we will be on the road going from town to town making our visits to family as we prepare to hop the plane and head south. We have a lot to look forward to and are ready to get down there and get started on our new lives.

What little furniture we have left will be leaving us today, the biggest part is our King bed we will be trading for a queen size air mattress, not sure how Kaya will take to that, she usually hogs all the bed. Our big TV goes away today too. Oh well, we need to get used to not watching as much as we have been anyway.

The farewell parties are almost complete, one left tomorrow when we will see a lot of the folks we have worked with over the years. After that we are packing what we have left into a trailer and heading east. Once we get to Denver we will get the dogs vet certified and ready for the plane ride.

It is all coming together after all these months of planning.

Pura Vida here we come!!

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>21 st Century Arrives


It is hard to believe that there will be street signs in San Jose. I am sure that this will be a big hit and might even spread throughout the country. Instead of 300 meters west the of last church on the right, it might just be 37 Calle Rosa. How cool will that be?

We are always having to give our address, or should I say direction since there are no real addresses. We are 1400 meters southwest of Puerto Viejo, Playa Negra, that nails it down to a 1 sq km area to look, no problemo, no? Especially if you need help; I am sure that help will arrive soon…….

So I would expect that one of these days our little dirt road will have a name and that our house will have a number assigned to it. Progress or just wishing. I don’t know, I kind of like being 1400 meters sw of town.

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>The Last Week

>Time does march on even though it feels like it is standing still at times. The last week I will be a passenger on the bus as we move toward the close. I will provide guidance but type not one word (if I can help it).

We still have many things to get in order as we get ready to leave the COW. We are checking things off our list as we go but I am sure we will probably forget something, hopefully not. Every time I look as all of the stuff we need to pack into our bags to take I just shake my head and wonder how we will get it all down. We will probably have to make some hard decisions on what stays and what goes. Pillows seems to be the biggest problem, can’t live without them. I am sure that it will all work out. The dogs are getting used to their kennels so that is one good thing.

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