>Way to go Tío Sam!

06 Jul


The big issue to hit Costa Rica lately is the involvement of the US Military in the Drug War in the waters of Costa Rica. Not only will they be cruising the waters but also coming ashore on leave. Not having a military since 1948, this begs the question, What is next? Will there be a base built next?

This effort will probably only stop about 1% of the flow of drugs, it seems like the drug Lords are always one or two steps ahead of these things. I am not saying that the drugs don’t make it through Costa Rica, they just found 800 keys in Nicoya. But with the present of the Military brings feelings toward US expats in general. It is hard enough sometimes to fit in and become part of the community without the help of Sam! The image says it all and I really don’t want some to think that all expats are in favor of this invasion.

Although the government has agreed to allow this and will not change their minds, most Ticos are not very happy about their decision. Once the crack starts, it can be hard to stop. Let’s hope that is not the case!

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