>Last Work Day is Here

23 Jul

>After all the hand wringing the time has come to say goodbye to the work force. I am making room for someone else to take over and have a good time.

Now for the next 20 days we will be on the road going from town to town making our visits to family as we prepare to hop the plane and head south. We have a lot to look forward to and are ready to get down there and get started on our new lives.

What little furniture we have left will be leaving us today, the biggest part is our King bed we will be trading for a queen size air mattress, not sure how Kaya will take to that, she usually hogs all the bed. Our big TV goes away today too. Oh well, we need to get used to not watching as much as we have been anyway.

The farewell parties are almost complete, one left tomorrow when we will see a lot of the folks we have worked with over the years. After that we are packing what we have left into a trailer and heading east. Once we get to Denver we will get the dogs vet certified and ready for the plane ride.

It is all coming together after all these months of planning.

Pura Vida here we come!!

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