>Controlled Chaos

24 Jul


Well today we had our last goodbye party with most of the folks we worked with. It was hot, but a good time none the least. Like we said; we will miss these folks here, but not over there. Anyway we hope to see these smiling faces in the near future at our house looking for a place to stay.

We now sit in an empty house with an air mattress for a bed, old leather white couches (nice!), no tables, no TV, just our bags that we are trying to fill for the trip. I guess you might call it controlled chaos as we put our few possessions into them. We are losing our washer and dryer on Tuesday so we will have to wash everything before that happens. So many things so little time.

Our list for Monday is lengthy and will take up most of the day to get all of the things done. I am not looking forward to the 13 hour drive to Casper on Wednesday but there is no other way to get there. “Cowboy up!”, I think is the phrase used around here. I have another phrase, but I will save that for later.

Well I guess it is time to stare at the blank walls and listen to the Ipod, thank god we have 17 days of music (thanks to our best friends who lent us their cherrished CD’s to rip, you know who you are!)

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