>Moving Right Along

29 Jul


Well it is day two of our move from Idaho. Not to our surprise we still had way too much stuff and left things behind for the new owners, some handy some not so handy. Anyway they did say that if we didn’t want it they would probably be able to find a home for it.

After a grueling 15 hour drive we landed at our first stop in Casper, Wyoming to visit with family and friends (of Jana’s, since this is where she was born and raised). Our first night we stayed at an old motel that had converted all rooms to non-smoking. The only problem was we got a room that had been smoked in for the past 20 years and not redone, which made it very hard to breath. When you first walked in it hit you like a ton of bricks. I was surprised when at check in they made you initial that a $350 fine would be applied if you smoked in the room. So our next day was spent looking for a new place that truly had non-smoking rooms and are very happy with our choice. We were also able to drop the trailer in Jana’s moms garage where she is living now which makes it very easy to drive around town now.

Next big trip will be to Denver next Monday. I think we got things squared away for storing all the stuff so we can dump the trailer when we get there and not drag it everywhere. What a pain.

But I am waiting for the next Big Trip which will take us home.

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