>Life in the Rain Forest

22 Aug

>Well it has been a whole week since we have moved down and getting things adjusted with the house, got me a new vehicle yesterday, a beach cruser! This will be my main point of transportation while living here (as soon as I get air in the tires), only taking the car when we need to get BIG things or go to San Jose.

The mornings are have been clear and bright and in the afternoon it clouds up and rains for a while. Really helps to cool things down a bit, plus water the yard (jungle).

Living here is different than say Colorado. Mind you, each has its own special things that people like, but having to chase poison dart frogs from the kitchen is probably not one of them. Seems they have taken a likening to our place of late. At least the dogs leave them along now.

The other thing about the rain forest is the mandatory walk on the beach in the mornings. This is all part of it, Kaya is still afraid of the water. The howlers were talking to each other this morning helping to livin up things a bit, the birds are always around and so are the neighbors chickens. I am glad I was able to get the fence up around the place to help keep the dogs from eating them. Not very neighborly having your dogs eating the chickens. The other dogs come around to check out the new species on the block, the fence also keeps them out, except for the really small dog down the road.

So life goes on, we don’t wear a watch any more since time really doesn’t matter, it’s either light or dark. If we have some place to really go then we can use them but other than that, no need for it.

Nos vemos!

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