>I hear ya knockin’

04 Sep


These guys don’t come around often and kind of brings to mind the Orkin commerical you see on TV (not here). You know the one bringing the pizza?? Well this time there is no pizza only mister big bug. At least he can’t fit through the screen, and oh yea it is nice to have screens!!

This other guy lives out in our bodega and has been there for about 1 week now. I think it is called a house gecko but it’s about 6 or 7 inches long and moves like lightening. We have all sorts of things living in our bio-sphere here.

Also today we saw 4 new birds we had not seen before as they came by looking for things to eat. Mostly bugs so you know we like that. Anything that reduce the bug population is welcomed. Maybe as we approach our dry month most of these bugs will go away for a while.

Well I am off to the beach with the dogs, they have a feeling for what time it is.

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