>Quiet Times

05 Sep


It is kind of odd not to be able to hear the ocean breaking on the shore, but as you can see from the picture you would be hard pressed to call this an ocean, more like a lake. It is the quite time of the year in the Carib, except for the neighbor’s two dogs who just had to bark all night long. So just who is sleeping now? Hopefully it is not a repeat performance tonight.

While the big Navy ship was parked in Limon, lots of people with health care were treated for free. Go figure, why can’t the Navy provide free health care to the people who pay their wages and really don’t have a health care system that will take care of them? I know that this was a humanitarian mission to promote good will, but hey lots of folks back in the US have no jobs, no health care and need some hugs too!

When their mission was done, everyone had three days shore leave. Each day a huge glob of buses would show up and unload hundreds of sailors and shore patrolmen. With all the sailors gone, the town seems unalive. During the three days of shore leave the place was packed, wall to wall haircuts, long lines at the money machine and many beers were consumed. I am sure they had some too. Each night the pumpkin would haul them back to the ship. Needless to say, the business people here really got a huge boost in their pocketbooks.

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