>Dia de Independencia (aka Jana’s Birthday)

16 Sep


Wednesday was a picture perfect day in Puerto, no clouds, nice cooling breeze from the water and lots of people out enjoying the indpendance day free time lounging at the beach. Since it was also Jana’s birthday we grabed our snorkel mask, washed off the mold and went to Punta Uva for some snorkeling. This is about the only place in Costa Rica with live reefs still around. The Banana Plantations though are trying thier best to kill off the rest of them. Since they come in and clear cut so much land the sediment that runs off enters the oceans and covers up the reefs. I found large banana palm lying on the beach the other day that had washed up, even a stock of green bananas.

Since we do not have fins we couldn’t go out very far. Now this is our new quest for the next trip is to go to the dive shop in town and rent some. This will enable us to go out further in the more calmer water and hopefully more fish. There are all sorts of sizes, colors and shapes of fish that live within the reef. As you can see in the picture the reef is right there, you just walk out and wham you’re there. So I think we will buy some fins on our trip back to the states to bring back.

This part of the beach is about 10 kms south of Puerto so it is within biking distance too. Pura Vida!

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