>Doctor Visit

01 Oct

>We had asked some friends of ours who work closly with the local BriBri tribe if they would introduce me to the local BriBri medicine man, Don Candido to see if he could help me with my hands. I had suffered some nerve damage from using an orbital sander (for a long time) while refinishing all of our kitchen cabinet while getting our house ready to sell. Good thing is it sold, bad thing is now I have damaged nerves in both palms of my hands.

After a full examination of pressure points both on my hands and feet, Don Candido said that I was “en bienestar” and the nerves were damaged and said he would be able to cure them within a month of treatment. Even after the first application of plant material, my hands do feel better. For the next few days I will do a mixture of different plants in water, boil them, breath in the vapors and once it cools put my hands in the water and then apply more plant material. My next appointment is next Tuesday when he will assess the progress. As things progress the treatment will change. He has been able to crue many different types of illness and cured two people who had Parkinson’s Disease. The jungle holds many crues that can not be found in the pharmacy.

The Office

Checking out the application of plant material.

Got my drugs to take home.

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