>Some Observations

13 Oct


After living here a very few months, there are some things that stick out in your head and wonder.  Not being completely fluent in Spanish it strikes me as odd as when you go to a governmental office or bank you are talking to people behind glass windows.  Most of the time you can not hear what they are saying since there is no amplification of their voice.  Maybe this is why so many things get done wrong since no one understands what the other is saying and leave thinking that what they said was understood.

Another thing is that there are some many things that live here in Costa Rica that you do see, mainly since they live in the upper reaches of the canopy.  One such creature, a very seldom seen Canopy Lizard is just one of those things.  This one just happened to fall out of the tree right in front of us.  Had we not been there it too would have gone unnoticed.



We have seen and recorded some 40 different kinds of birds that visit our area and as the seasons change so will the birds.  Yes, the seasons do change here, they go from warm to not  quite as warm.  Mainly it’s the fruit in the trees that bring in the various kinds of birds and each tree has its own time table.

I know that as time goes on there will be many more observations to report on and I hope to bring those to light as they happen.  Ah, but for now it’s back to Pura Vida!

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