>Migration of the Birds

19 Oct


This is the first time I have lived in an area where we are directly in the path of migrating birds.  The only thing is these birds are vultures.  Hundreds and thousands of them almost blackening out the sky (well may be not that bad), but you get the picture.  If you are dead somewhere lying around these guys would be picking you clean in no time.  With all of these birds, how do they eat and where?  They roost in the trees at night and turn the green to black.  They all seem to get a long.  The Talamanca canton has been recognized as a key site to track and study raptor migration, which takes place August to December, with October the peak observation period. Between 50,000 and 500,000 birds of prey, of as many as 17 species, pass by the Kéköldi observation towers in just one day.



The other thing I have noticed (now that the sun is back with us today), is the angle of the sun.  As the earth tilts northward the sun changes a lot in a short time here.  I remember living up north and it would usually take a week or so to see a dramatic change but here it is only a few days.  We used to get sun in our living room in the morning now it is all in the shade. Soon it will be long pants and long sleeves (not)!

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