02 Nov


Granted I am not awake 24/7, but living here is like watching the Discovery Channel, 24/7.  Our living room is our TV that we watch most of the day (without any political ads for people who can not keep any of the promises they have made in public) seeing new things and wondering sometimes if it isn’t all a dream.  We have only really watched about 10 hours of real TV over the past three months.  As we prepare ourselves to head back to the northern frozen tundra to collect our important paperwork, I am sure that once we return and get thrown into the Costa Rican governmental process we will be wishing we still could be back home (Puerto) dreaming. 

We know that this will be a long haul, many trips to and from San Jose, but I am sure that in the end it will have many more rewards than not going through the process to obtain residency which will allow us a lot more freedom to move about the country and see some of the places we have yet to see.

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