>Travels to San Jose

26 Nov


We took off to San Jose on Sunday.  As soon as we pulled out of the drive it started raining.  I mean it really started to rain!   The road to San Jose goes through a big national park and has been known for landslides, which ends up closing the road for hours to clear.  As we got the the bottom of the hill to start our descent into the hills, many people were stopped and waving at us.  I thought how nice is that, they really do like gringos.  A couple of seconds later we turned around and asked someone if the road was closed.  Sure enough, a big landslide had just happened


So we head back in the same direction to take the only other road to get to San Jose, which is a small two lane road that twists and turns through the mountains.  The trip that usually takes about 3 to 4 hours took almost 6 hours by the time we arrived at our hotel.

road to sanjose Going down route 32.

coffeeCoffee Fields

detour thru triabaTurrialba


goinghome Heading home thru San Jose

readyforsanta Tico house ready for Santa


Store front


New street signs in Puerto Viejo, go figure……

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