>Joyful Holidays

11 Dec



As part of the Holiday sprit, ICE (pronounced E-Say, the country’s monopoly for power and communications) has come up with a friendly reminder for your cell phone.  Just so you don’t go and blow all of that Christmas bonus on presents, a call to your phone is automatically made to remind you to pay your phone bill.   I paid ours 5 days ago and I got 5 calls this morning reminding me to pay mine.  I wonder how many I would get if I hadn’t paid.  Maybe it works a bit too well.  Besides I can’t imagine a Tico letting something so close and dear like their cell phones to be turned off.  Isn’t that a human right that should be brought before the supreme court?  How dare they even think of such a thing.  For sure the cell phone has changed everyone’s lives, it is probably the one big techno deal that will go down in history.

The holidays here are warming up and we are glad of that.  It’s been even chilly at times with all the rain and cloud cover, aka Pacific Northwest, but blue sky is right around the corner, along with all of the new wave of tourists.  The raining season has been really hard on Costa Rica this year, eliminating dozens of bridges, closing many roads (many of which are still closed) making it hard or impossible to get to your favorite traveling destination.  But if it wasn’t for the influx of the tourists a lot of things would not be fixed or mended, so we are thankful for something’s here.

I just can’t wait to sink my teeth into my Christmas chicken, unlike our Thanksgiving chicken, this time I hope to do it beer can style just like back home.  At $70 for a 16 pound turkey at Pricesmart (aka Costco) we will have to wait for Santa to bring us one.  Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining we love it here and wouldn’t change a thing, well maybe our diet and some expectations.

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