>Wild Goose Chase

22 Dec


After talking with a number of local folks here we kept hearing about this place called “Chase”, how great it was and that you could find anything you wanted.  The deal is that it is located in Panama.  So yesterday we took off with some friends and started down the long bumpy road.

We kind of knew where it was but not the exact location and thought it was at the end of the road (18Km worth).  Driving at top speed of 10km/hr you can imagine how long it took to get there.  Once we got there we asked if anyone knew where “Chase” was.  Yes they said, go back about 10 km and it’s on the right.  Great, back to the car and down the bumpy road.

Well, when we got there we were really shocked at what we saw.  Nothing like any one had told us about.  A crowded store with clothes a few TV’s.  There was no beer or wine or any such thing since that was the main reason for the trip.  Only came back with some cheap christmas lights.


DSCF0772                                                The road

DSCF0771                     The Bus that almost ran us off the road

DSCF0780     The Soda where we should had turned left in the first place

The boat dock with Panama across the river.



Saw this on the way home, a Mal in the back of the truck.

I doubt we will be visiting Chase again any time soon, not until some body can verify that the goods are there.

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