>Rainy Season

24 Dec


I just took a look at the national weather here and it seems like the rainy season isn’t quite over as of yet, except for the far northern part of the pacific.  All those who have come hoping for a sunny and warm Christmas might be a little disappointed this year.  Forecast calls for more clouds and rain tomorrow too.  Since we do live in a rain forest you kind of have to expect that at some point in time.

With the rains comes the wind; which happens to whip the waves up a bit, making it not so nice for swimming. Surfing is good and you really don’t mind the rain since you are wet anyway.  Umbrellas and rain jackets are the main wardrobe garb during these days.  Since most people who come here don’t have a car, walking or taxi are the only options for most getting around town.  Standing in line at the ATM machine this time of year can be trying to some also since the line can extend down the road a ways.  That’s why I get up early in the morning and not  have to wait, usually everyone is still in bed sleeping off the night before.

PV is like the tide, when it goes out it is calm and quiet, but when the tide comes in it is a whole different story.  People cram the little main street making it almost impossible to drive any where.  The good news is that they paved all of the back streets in town so you can go around main street without loosing your teeth bouncing up and down and by pass the crowds.

Well it is the season to be jolly and so I’ll end on a jolly note,  NO SNOW!!!!! in the forecast.  Pura Vida, gota love it.

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