>Building In Costa Rica

22 Jan


This has to be one of the most fun things you can do in life.  First off if you ask a contractor to build something, he builds it.  You don’t know how much it will cost but none the less it is built.

I wanted a car port built to keep the rain off the car, since we live in a rain forest it rains quiet a bit at times.  The other times the sun is burning it up and when you get inside your glasses fog up from the heat.

So anyway I asked the contractor who built this house how much it would cost to build this 10 foot by 15 foot car port.  Next thing I know is the wood is being delivered and it is about $650.  Ok so I pay that and the next thing I know is I owe $240 for the roofing material.  So after about a month see the contractor and he says do you want to start tomorrow?  I said sure.

The next day we sent the post for the structure.  Mind you this wood is all hard wood from the rain forest, like steel.  Then the next day we start putting it all together.


The interesting thing is that you still need to provide all of the hardware to put this together, nails, screws, concert, etc.  Also you need to provide equipment for the job too.  Ladders, hammers, etc.  It really is different than building in the states where the contractor provides everything.


So when all is said and done, I get this hand built car port built from hard woods to protect my car from the rain and the sun for a little over $1500. I don’t think I could have the same thing built in the USA for the same amount considering the wood. That would have to be imported.


The other cool thing I didn’t tell you is I get to buy everything to correct any mistakes or errors, how cool is that???? But I am lovin it!


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  1. Ironically Yours

    January 24, 2011 at 12:07 am

    >Just read your story to my wife…we both loved it. We have quite a few years before we make CR our home and have those experiences


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