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>Clearing the Way


The last few days have been spent clearing the other lot next to the house. When we got the lot it was full of Cacao trees that had seen their better days and provided a resort for the local mosquito population which allowed them much free time to feast on the local human population, us!  The other reason for this clearing was to create space for plants we want to grow such as fruit trees and flowering plants to attract the birds and other fauna.



This is what the lot looked like before, very over grown with Cacao that really did not produce  anything worth while.




Here is the work in progress, if you notice I am not the one doing this work, Pedro, who does our garden is along with his helper.

pano yard

pano lot

So after a couple of days of hard work, the cacao are gone and now we can start to plant the plants we want.

lot res

Here is our first lot resident, she is taking a nap after eating leaves all night.


This will be our first real bunch of bananas in about a couple of more days, I hope Clive and Lori like bananas!

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>Side Trip


Well we had our first official visitors from back home since we have moved down, not counting last August.  Bill and Betty came down from Spokane and they were glad they did.  The weather has been perfecto and yesterday was amazing,  about 83 degrees and not a cloud in the sky.  We took a side trip to Cahuita  National Park just a few Km’s down the road.


Here is the arrival of our guests as they drove all the way from San Jose by themselves.  Way to go!!! 


Here is a shot of the park where we stopped to look at the sights.


These guys where hanging out high above us.


There seemed to be a lot of resting going on with the animals that day since it was nice and warm.


Here is a picture of the trail.


Here is the end of the trail.


We ended up in Manzanillo to has have lunch and passed this house along the way.

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