>One of those days

03 Apr


I have been recalcitrant in my postings on the blog.  Over the last couple of months we have had visitors from Spokane, Washington DC and Gunnison, so needless to say we have been busying showing people how Costa Rica works and doesn’t work.

I guess most people are surprised by the abundant nature that surrounds this place.  Why just yesterday we had miss iguana come by for a visit.  I am not sure where her mate is, they live in the big tree behind our house.

mama iguana

The day before that we had mama and baby sloth cruse by as they were moving from one part of the area to another.  We thought that the mother had been hurt with blood on its mouth, but after calling the rescue center they said it was probably left over fruit they had been eating.  The fruit has a red skin that covers it and the color is almost blood red.  Go figure, but know at least we know.

mom and baby

Then just yesterday since the ocean was so clam and the sun was shinning so bright we decided to go to Punta Uva for some snorkeling, at least Jana did.

beach day

So as you can see paradise can happen any day of the week, you just have to be ready for it and take full advantage.

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