>Trip to the Falls

18 Apr

Located just north of BriBri, the canton seat of the Talamanca is a water fall that people can hike to.  You can drive most of the way and park in the yard of the person who will look after your car for you for only 1500 colonies.  Once you park you start the hike into the Jungle…..


Here you start out by crossing the river. 


Then you cross the river again.


Then you head up this hill until you see a path that leads off to the right.


Here is the path leading to the falls, there are cement blocks used as the steps but slippery non the less.


Then you cross the river again and follow the trail up another hill.



You keep walking up this hill for a short ways until you come upon a split in the trail.  The high road leads to bigger and better water falls according to some of the local tour guides, the low road leads to the main falls that everyone stops at.


Here the trail goes down back to the river you have crossed many times before.


Almost there as you cross over the water again.

jungle fallsFinally you have arrived, the water is refreshingly cool.  After a bit of swimming, we hike back to the car, head back into Bri Bri and stop at a local soda for lunch.  Can’t beat it.

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