>Creatures of the Night

26 Apr


Last night while we were watching a movie, we kept hearing this cry or high pitched barking sound.  It was coming from high up in a tree.  We decided to go out and see if we could find it since we thought it might be a lost baby sloth calling for it’s mother.

I grabbed my little 2M candle power light and went out side to try and find where the sound was coming from.  Pointing the light down the road we saw two very bright orange eyes peering at us from behind a small bush.  I had not seen anything like that color before.  As I pointed the light up into the tree I saw the same color eyes looking down at us.  A little further up the tree was a sloth.  Mind you this light will turn night into day.  The pair of eyes watched us and finally scampered down the tree very quickly disappearing into the darkness.

The other pair of eyes moved off across the road exposing itself to us, it was a very strange looking cat, definitely not a house cat.  Anyway as it turns out it was a pair of Jaguarundi hunting for a meal.  I think we might have interrupted their quest. The Jaguarundi is the most vocal of the Costa Rica’s wild cats.  I makes thirteen vocalizations, including birdlike chirps.  That may have been the sound we had been hearing.

No pictures this time since it was dark and did not have the cameras.  Kind of interesting going out at night to see what lurks around the neighborhood, at least animal wise………

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