Building a Better Police Station

11 Jul

As a small community located in the southeastern part of Costa Rica, far away from the capital city of San Jose, we are trying to get people involved in doing some upgrades to the local police station, improving living conditions and adding a jail to temporally hold criminals for court.  Should this effort fall short we will miss an opportunity to  meet our goal, stopping crime!

Here is the list of materials that are needed to get started on the renovation of the police station. So now is the time to go look in your bodega and see if you have anything to contribute. Even if you have things that are not on the list and think they can be of use, let us know. We are also looking for any skilled carpenters, welders, plumbers and electricians, as well as general laborers, that are willing to donate their time. Please respond with a message or give Rami Zein a call, 8985-6652, to let us know what you can contribute. THANKS!!
Wood – Laurel
7 pieces 2” x 4” x 4 barras
2 pieces 2” x 10” x 2 barras
200 barras of ½” x 2” (for lattice work)
20 barras of 2” x 3”
24 sheets corrugated metal (3.66 m) #28
15 square steel structural tubes, galvanized 2 x 3 x 1/16
5 square steel structural tubes, galvanized 3 x 3 x 1/16
3 zinc roofing covers (1.83 m) #28
2 welded wire mesh (2.35 x 6m)
5 welding sticks – Hilco 6013-3/32
8 1” round metal tubes (for cell bars)
6 rectangular metal tubes (1.2 x 25.4 x 50.8mm)
31 tubes for electrical cables – ½”
18 unions for electrical cable tubes – ½”
25 curved unions for electrical cable tubes – ½”
70 m cable #12
50 m cable TSJ 2×12
15 m cable TSJ 3×12
1 breaker #15
4 breakers #20
12 mountable light sockets 4”
12 double outlets
3 ½” PVC stopcocks
1 pump designed for wells – half horsepower with a 20 liter tank
10 sheets – 12mm
6 sheets – 9 mm
2 gallons oil-based paint – dark blue
3 gallons oil-based paint – white
2 quarts paint for metal – red
1 liter turpintine
100 insulated plastic staples with nails for electical cable
50 1” screws for gipsun
200 2” drillbit screws for metal roofing
3 bags of Concretemix
10 cement panels (1.1 m)
2 rolls of electrical tape #33
4 3” paintbrushes
1 14” disc to cut metal
1 9” disc to cut concrete
2 heavyduty padlocks with 2 6” padlock bases
3 pairs of metal hinges B13 industrial
1 4oz container of PVC glue
4 meters of gravel
We need a carpenter who can build a long table for eating – wood provided
8 plastic chairs
Cash donations are welcomed. Although we are hoping to do this project mostly through donated materials and labour, we may still have to buy some items and hire some specialized labour. Every little bit helps.
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