Almost a Year (August 2011)

01 Aug


It has been almost one full year since we made our move to Costa Rica.  It has been a great change in life style for sure and as long as Tio Sam doesn’t mess with us I look forward to the next years here.  Besides working in the garden, the house has proven to be a contender in the maintenance department.  Nothing real serious yet, but without attention the result could turn into something serious.  The climate here is very hard on things like wood, cement and other materials your house might be made out of.  No different than living in the South were it is hot and humid most of the time too.





This past month we had about 12 inches of rain, average is about 13.5 inches for July.  We have one more month of rain (off and on) before the dry season hits in September and October.  After that, all bets are off since we normally see 18 to 20 inches in November and in December.  At least most of the plants in the garden have now taken root and should be able to survive without having to water them all the time.


We will be starting our first year with fantasy football at the “Point” and will be having our draft party on opening day of the year!  I have ns to who is no clue as to who is playing anymore so it should be interesting to say the least!   Yea, go team(?)!!!!

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