One Year and a Few Days

16 Aug

OK, so it has been one year and three days since we moved to Costa Rica.  The more we live here the more people we meet and become friends with.  We have been working with our local barrio group to discuss security issues and identify problems that need attention.  We had a large turn out last we and even the chief of police for the Talamanca was there and fielded questions about how things work in Costa Rica.  Much to a lot of peoples surprise, things work really different here compared to other parts of the world.  Too many to list or even try to explain, it’s all part of Pura Vida.

You might be asking if we have any regrets???  NO, we don’t, moving here has been a wonderful experience, very low stress rate, no snow to shovel, no extensive wardrobes to maintain, never have to  search through all of the beers to find that special one, and best of all not having to listen to all of the bullshit politics crap that the GOP circus is putting out there for people to ooh and ah over.  If everyone still believes that lower taxes are the ticket to success, I have a bridge I want to sell them too, at a bargain price!!


Here is a shot from the other night as the sun was setting, we don’t get too many of these since it is usually too cloudy over the mountains and blocks the sun light.

Here I am painting the trim at the local police station as part of the community effort to make the station a better place to live and work.  Work still continues building a new jail cell, adding more roof space, shower and eating area.



So all in all, I have to say that this past year has been great and we hope to top that for our next year.  We have joined a Fantasy Football League down at the local bar so maybe if we end up winning (lookout Toby) that will make it even better.!!!  GO Playa Negra Chuckers!!!!

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