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All Fall Down (UP)



Well, if things can’t get worse they are!!  Last week when I got a case of beer the price had gone up 300 colonies, today it has gone up 1,000 colonies.  That is almost $27/case of beer (about $1.10/bottle).  Those are prices that you should be paying for fine hand crafted brew, not your run of the mill swill.  So it looks like Panama ($10/case for American beer) is the only place from now on to buy beer around here without losing your shirt and socks!  I am not sure how Ticos (or anyone else) can pay these prices.

The price of everything changes from week to week and it is usually in the up direction and not down.  It is becoming more and more expensive to live here.

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Fish Tales

So the other day we decided to go to the beach.  It was overcast and looked like rain, but everyone else thought it was a good idea to go also.  The place was packed with Ticos, after all it was Saturday and what better way to spend the day than lying on the beach and drinking lots of beer and playing music very loud!  It is part of life, a given right to listen to music very loud.  Although the only thing you could hear is the bass beat.

Anyway, while underwater most of that noise gets tuned out since the fish didn’t seem to mind so much.  All sorts of new ones floating about, some not so new.

Non the less, after backing into a low lying tree limb and adding another dent to the car we were able to find a place on the beach.  We set up our chairs and enjoyed the rest of the morning with all the other folks around us.  Cheers, Pura Vida!






fish eyes





Just one of those days!
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All in Time

After a quick trip back to the states to gather our remaining items left behind (and stock up on spices) I am glad to be back home.  Don’t get me wrong, but I really do not like traveling that much any more.  One thing I was able to bring back without too much difficulty was a COLD!  I haven’t been sick since I went back to the states the last time, go figure.  Maybe the states make me sick, just saying!  I did enjoy my time with my daughters and grandkids and miss them a lot.

So on Friday our internet goes down for no apparent reason.   It was still off on Saturday so it was apparent that it was time (9:30 AM) to call ICE!!!!!   After 7 attempts I was able to get into the holding pattern, yea!  After a quick half hour of fine music listening I was able to talk to someone, but was having a real hard time understanding them (talking really fast).  So this person says he will switch me to someone who can speak English so I thank him and was put back into the holding pattern for a few seconds before the call was dropped.  Starting all over again and many more attempts, I was able to get back into the holding pattern.  Another quick half hour flew by and was able to speak to another person who I was able to convince that all my connections were correct and we still did not have internet.  He told me to hold the line while he passed me on to a technician who could help me.  After 45 minutes waiting the battery in our phone handset died.  I knew at this point that this was a test of my ability to maintain patience. 

After many more tries I was able to get back into the holding pattern and after about another half hour I was able to talk to someone again who explained that they would pass me onto the the technician.  This was around 11:30 AM.  We all know what happens here in Costa Rica at the strike of 12PM, lunch time!!!!  So shortly after 1PM I was able to talk to someone, nice guy who spoke enough English and I spoke enough Spanish that we were able to reset the modem and get our system back up and running!  The call ended around 1:30 PM or so, but who is counting.

So if you have enough time you can get anything accomplished.

The rain in August was very little, only 2.1 inches fell all month!  Normal is about 13 inches.



The rain in September was better but still not very much, 8.9 inches.




I found out last week from our lawyer that my application for residency was approved, but Jana’s was still pending.  Hopefully hers will come thru shortly so we can go thru the process together and not separately.  It’s a long way to San Jose,  but hey when all you have is time it’s OK.  Pura Vida!

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