Ah, November already

01 Nov

The snow has been flying early this year and I still don’t miss it.  Now that our residency has finally been approved all there is left to do is pay the man(s) and get our cards!  Then we will be card carrying residence of Costa Rica.

Last month started out real nice and calm but has ended with lots of wind and a little rain.  When the winds kick up the beach really changes shape, especially when the waves get real big.  Not good for swimming or snorkeling.  So now until the dry season returns, the surf is king.


As you can see, not much in the way of rain in October, only 6.1 inches total.  Average is 6 inches so we are back to normal in that department.  The plants sure do like it when it rains, the ground can not hold very much water and dries quickly after these little rain events. 

So far this year since I have been tracking the rain amount (April) it has rained only 55 inches.  Not much for here considering we get over 140 inches of rain per year. 



Soon Thanksgiving, can’t wait to have our chicken dinner, and then on to Christmas and the annual party.  Then News Years rolls around and the year of the incredible election.  I guess there are always things you can wish for. 

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