Barrio Organizado

21 Nov

Over the past few weeks our neighborhood has met on Tuesday afternoons for about 2 or so hours attending the Seguridad Comunitaria hosted by the local Fureza Publica.  This course taught us all about being secure in insecure surrounding.  This is part of the continuing effort between the locals and the  Police to help lower the crime rate here in Puerto Viejo and Playa Negra.  With the successful completion of this course our neighborhood not gets to display a sign at the entrance to let people know that we are now organized and have an on going crime watch program in place.


We will be making smaller versions of this sign to have for people to post in and around their homes. 

Our graduation was quiet festive, sang the Himo Nacional, heard speeches and passed out certificates to those attending the class.  The class was all in Spanish, no English!



Overall this has been a very positive step in making better relations with the local police.  We have seen great improvements in response times and the fact they really do care about our safety.  The Police Commandant in BriBri should be congratulated on proving such positive efforts to diminish crime in our area.  Cheers!

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