December already!

01 Dec

Well time is flying and the end of the year is in sight.  Before you know it you will be cleaning up all of the wrapping paper and thinking about the next getting our year.

Hopefully this year we will be getting our cedulas, we have been approved and finished up almost all of the extra requirements, all that lacks is a little clinic card for Jana. That has proven to be challenging.  I have tried 6 times to get it and each time I can away with a new story and what I needed and how much more time it will take to get it approved.  Funny that all the rest of the people there to get their cards walked out with them, hum……  Pura Vida.

November was another below average month for rain.  Normally we get about 17 to 18 inches during the month, but this month only 7.5 inches.


As we hunker down for the beginning of the “rainy” season our thoughts will turn to calmer sunny days.  This is the beach now:


Here is the beach in summer:


We really do need the rain here so as it starts we will all be thankful for it knowing that when the summer days return the trees will be green and wells full of water.


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