Multi-Cultural Event in Puerto

22 Dec

A group of people got together to put together a gather of all the community offering a variety of goodies for the holidays.  All in all, I think the kids won out big time.  There was a clown, candy falling from broken piñata’s, a big rubber castle to jump on and horse drawn buggy tours through town. For the grown ups there was food and plenty of it.  The worlds largest pot of “Rondon” soup that is a specialty here in the Caribe, a roasted pig and grilled jerk chicken.  All of this was provided by donations and the public really enjoyed  it, or should I say they ate it up!

There was live music too.  It was a great way to spend the afternoon even though our blues skies from the morning had given way to threatening clouds.  The rain did hold off until today.


Can’t be complete without a clown to make the kids laugh.

The horse drawn cart taking the kids around the town.

buggy tours


play yard

The big play yard filled with kids and parents alike.


Even here Mickey is a big hit.



This is a local brother and sister who have wonderful voices and sing very well.  Her name is Shanti and she sang with us last year in the choir. 

pig is done

The pig is done and ready to carve up.

The worlds largest pot of “Rondon” is being served.  This was rented from a place in San Jose and brought here by people donating money and time.  A well worth effort for sure, it was great!

worlds largest pot of rondon


evening sunset

The end of a good day.  Pura Vida y Feliz Navidad!

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