February and Super Bowl Time

02 Feb

Our second “Super Bowl” while living here.  Last year we had friends from the states visiting and we watched it on TV here at the house.  This year we will be viewing it at the “Point” on the big 110” screen I built for the bar.  The table is reserved and I am sure that most folks around here will be in attendance.  It will be on NBC this year so ESPN will probably carry it for most people which means you have to have satellite or cable to get it.  The bar will have a US channel so that means we will get to see the commercials which at times are better than the game.  We’ll see if the Gaints can pull this off with a win. 

January was another dry month for rain here.  Normally we get about 15 or 18 inches of rain, but this month only 8 inches fell.  Back in 2003 and 2004 we had similar amounts.



Most of the days where clear blue skies and warm sunshine.  Much different than last year when it rained most of the time.  The water temp has been a little cool compared to August and September.  I guess you get spoiled, but you still see lots of people out in the waves each day.





Most days have been just like this, although nice to have we need the rain.  A lot of wells dry up when the rain stops.  One of the problems of living in the rainforest.  Pura Vida.

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