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Madness of March

Wow, it’s the middle of March, where does the time go??  Since all of my brackets have been busted I thought I would take some time and catch up on what’s up in PV.

This month we have had two groups of folks come by for a visit, Bill and Betty from Spokane (again)

 IMG_5598IMG_5600and Jana’s niece Caitlyn and friend Sophie from DC.  They are getting ready to go Zip Lining today while us old folk hang at the house.




Last month was another dry one, only five or so inches of moisture.



So this month started off with a bang and have twice as much now that last month.  The garden is growing by leaps and bounds and the bananas are falling off the trees.  We have way tooo many bananas.  We are letting the birds have their way with them so they don’t go to waste.

Things are moving at a snails pace for the most part, but that’s ok; each new day is just that!  Pura Vida!

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