Happy Earth Day

22 Apr

I can’t think of a better place to celebrate Earth Day than here in the lush tropical forests of Costa Rica.  Since we have planted all the trees we need, we won’t be adding more today.  The other thing one has to remember about Earth Day is well, the Earth.

Twenty-two years ago today, a 7.5 magnitude Earth Quake struck about 20 km from where we live.  It happened around 4PM, right before dark.  Puerto Viejo had just received electricity a couple of years before now only to be darkened again.  Just a small reminder of how the earth works and it’s effects on us as humans.  You can’t find a whole lot written about this event, the roads were so badly damaged that people could not get here to report on the damage.  There were over 1000 after shocks of 3.0 or greater during the next few days.

Here are some pictures taken of the roads and bridges weeks after the quake.






Some might say that the roads don’t look much different now, I know driving on them seems to be about the same, dodging big holes and bouncing over bumps!



Uplift from the quake left reefs exposed and moved the shore line out about 300 feet.


So, with this Earth Day all I can say is Pura Vida!  It is what it is!

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