Como no habría de cantarte, mi Puerto Viejo

28 Apr

This month has been really busy, especially for being retired.  I had noticed that some of the wood on our floor of the deck was soft.  It is Nispero which is a really a hard, heavy native wood.  Very expensive too, all wood is expensive here, period!

I asked Marvin, our carpenter to see if there was something he could do and we went out and bought 8 new short pieces ($42) to replace the ones that appeared to be bad.  Upon opening up the floor, it was apparent that many more problems existed.  Come to find out the builder did not treat the stringers the floor was nailed to and since they were in contact with the ground underneath it left them open for dinner for the termites.




Not only was there rot, but also mold since there was no vapor barrier either.  So we tore out all of the wood floors except for the one in our room which we will be doing later next month.  We poured new concrete level with the bedroom and extended that out on to the deck.

beforedeck before

Once we got all of it poured (in one day) we started to lay new tile over the top.



deck shortly after

So after a few days most of it is back to normal, just a few little things to finish up  but nothing big.  We’ll do those when we do our bedroom.  In the mean time most of the wood was salvageable and will have around $3,000 worth of good hard wood for a floor maybe in a casita.

beddeckother side 

This is what it looks like so far.  We are very happy with it and now will not have to worry about the floors falling apart.  Now on to the master bedroom!



Some parting shots of Puerto, pura vida!

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