El Caribe

15 May

There really is a difference between the Pacific side and the laid  back side of Costa Rica.  Granted, we do not have the sun sets like the Pacific, but we also don’t have the mass of people either.  Now with the down season upon us, the little town of Puerto is quiet and not much happening.  It’s nice to be able to drive down main street without having to run thru a maze of parked delivery trucks, cars, people and bici’s.  For some reason a lot of people think it is ok to walk 4 or 5 abreast on this little narrow road.  Some of these folks here only drive one speed, FAST!  I am surprised more people aren’t run over.  Maybe it’s just me wanting to driving on an overgrown sidewalk.  I always try to avoid the main street by taking the back roads to avoid the masses.

Today is the official start of the rainy season according to the newspaper.  It is amazing how accurate they are with the date.  Of course the rainy season is only applied to the central valley and Pacific side of the country, it rains here all year long, sort of.

We had a visitor the other day as we were working on the floors.  I saw an iguana walk across the yard and into a tree.  I told Marvin, our carpenter, what I saw and he ran out to see and plucked it off the tree.  It is a female, we have about 4 or 5 of them living in our trees around the house.  They drive the dogs crazy.


Marvin and the iguanathe iguana



Pedro, our gardener, came by and cut our yard so I thought I would quick get a shot of that before it got overgrown again.  It is amazing to think that this was full of overgrown Cacao trees and covered with dead leaves.  By just adding a little sun and water the grass  has sprung to life



So goes the life in the rainforest, Pura Vida!

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