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Acá en Ticolandia

June is about to heat up.  Although there are not too many tourist here, a local friend is getting married.  Since he owns and runs a bar what better place to have a party.  So next weekend is the big feed for all the locals and then the following weekend is the wedding, but only for his closest 100 friends!!!!


The beaches have been empty of people which is just fine with us.  Means less garbage to deal with, although there always seems to be enough washing up on shore from being dumped overboard from ships passing along the coast.  Every now and again some real expensive garbage will wash up, but not too often.


suunday morning beach

The sea may look calm, but some big waves have been pounding the shore line for the past three or four days to the delight of the local surfers.





Playing out in this surf will ware you out and if not careful will take you out into the big waters! 

Life does crank by slowly here, but it is hard to believe it is the middle of June and the year is almost half over, Pura vida!

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End of the Road

the end of the line

This is the end of our road, the only way to get to Panama from here is walk or by boat.  The little town of Manzanillo sits at the end of this road.  The population explodes during Semana Santa otherwise it is quiet.  If the government gets its way, most of this town will be gone too even though it has been here for many years.  Life does go on and we enjoy all of the special moments we have here.

One of the activists who has been working to stop the demolition said he had traveled to San Jose to meet with some of the government officials to talk about other ways to solve this problem.  In the meantime, he happened to see the “BIG” picture of the future plan for our small community.  He returned very depressed.  Most of the Ticos do not like it here because it is too hot and humid, they prefer the cool mountain air of the Central Valley.  They are not the target audience for this future development, it is the rest of the world , a chance to cash in on the Caribbean adventure that most of the other islands have developed.    This is many years down the road so we will have a few years to enjoy the peace and quiet before the big boom.

Pura Vida

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The Heat Goes On

We are fast approaching the first day of summer (for some).  Funny but it is summer here 365 only there are times when it gets hotter than others, like now.  May was a really warm month even most of the old timers were commenting on the heat.  Only need to walk a few steps before breaking a sweat.  Partially because of the lack of rain (again).  A lot of the shallow wells are on the verge of turning to dust.





It takes a few good days of 2 or more inches of rain to really make an impact to the forest.

We will  also have our longest day this month, 12 hours and 42 minutes as compared to our shortest day of the year of 11 hours and 21 minutes.  Not sure what I am going to do with all that extra time.  Maybe watch the sun go down a little later.  Pura vida……….

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