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Happy 5th

Yesterday a lot of people showed up to help celebrate the 4th of July at the local bar in Playa Negra.  I was amazed at how many people I did not know or have seen before, not sure if there was a special bus that showed up in town or what.  All of the regulars were there too.

Toby put on a pig roast for everyone with live music, a baseball game, NFL channel and a soccer game. 



The cooks are hard at work doing up the pig.



Martin and CriCri are holding down the cover to keep it from blowing away as the winds picked up later in the day.




Right before dark the winds were blowing too hard to light off the fireworks so we had to wait a while until they calmed.  All of a sudden they stopped.




And so the show began only to end too soon.  Oh well, pura vida!

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Hotter than the 4th of July

The year is half gone, Christmas will be here before you know it and all those hot sweltering days will be just a fond memory as the snow is blowing sideways.  It has been warm here too and not without a lot of sweating.

Seems like the US has been hit with extremely warm temperatures of late and has caused the masses to find cooler waters!  I saw this today on CNN and could not resist.



Here is a beach on the east coast of the US.



Here is a beach on the east coast of Costa Rica.


Hum, I wonder which one I prefer.  I think that puts a lot of things into perspective. 


As you can see we are still lacking our rainfall although we did have about an inch more rain than last year at this time.  Still way before normal, but maybe this month we can play a little catch up and have something to show for it.


We are set for the big 4th celebration down at the local bar, not sure if there will be fireworks or not, they are really expensive here.  If there are I take a couple of pics to post later.  I think I mosey down to the beach later and see if I can find a spot, Pura Vida!!!!!!

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