August Already

09 Aug

Seems like the times just flies by especially when you take a trip back to the states!   It was a quick trip like always, the dryness seems to take its toll each time we go back.  The hardest thing is not being able to breath at night.

July was a banner month for rain here in PV.  The last Saturday of the month saw a lot and caused flooding:




So far this month we have had twice as much as last year, not saying much since last year we only had 2 inches in August!


I had to take a picture of this, we get this from the palms down the road and now it is sold in the US in boxes for 10 times as much.  It’s free here so go figure!



Buster is Rylee’s newest pet, but this is Shay holding it.


This was outside my window one morning!


sun rising

Morning sunrise with Lone Scraggy Peak in the background.


sun set

Afternoon rain with the sun shinning thru.



This was in our tree driving the dogs crazy.  A big guy!


just hanging

These two toed where just hanging out catching a few winks, the baby is just about ready to be on its own.

It was good to get back to the US for the few days but even better to get home.  I am sure it will be a while before we go back again.

Pura Vida………………

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One response to “August Already

  1. Move to Costa Rica - International Living

    August 22, 2012 at 9:43 am

    Just had to comment on the box of coconut water. I was trying to explain to one of my TIco neighbors that in the U.S. they actually sell it in little juice boxes for several dollars. He was incredulous. Unfortunately, I don’t have a palm tree nearby. But I still buy pipa fria for just a quarter from the guy selling them in town or on the beach. Very refreshing on a hot day.


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