August Ends

31 Aug

August was kinda of a hot dry month again, but not too terrible.  It did end on an amazing note.  Last night while sitting in our living room our Sophie started barking at something up in a tree.  I got up to go see what she was barking at and low and behold it was a Spider Monkey swinging thru the trees of our yard.  They travel very fast and swing from limb to limb and are the largest of the monkeys here.  I have only seen Spiders on two other occasions in Costa Rica.


This is what they look like, this is one we saw last week while in Gandoca Lagoon, the other ones we saw where on the way to Monteverdea few years back.  I am not saying that they are rare, just not as abundant as the Howler or Capuchin.

battylongnosebatsblue heroncroc 


Here are some other creatures we saw on our trip to Gandoca.

Here is a shot of the sun rising over Puerto, the sun is starting to rise later in the morning, now around 530AM.


Tomorrow is one of my most favorite things to do here in Costa Rica, go get my car inspected at Riteve in Limon, as long at it passes I am happy.  It is all part of the sprit they call Pura Vida!!!

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