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Almost Over

September is almost gone, and before you know it, it will be snowing somewhere.  Glad it won’t be here.

This month my brother paid us a visit.  I made the trip to San Jose to pick him up and bring him over the mountain and thru the palms to our house.


As we where leaving San Jose, it poured down rain to the point that we could hardly see anything outside of the car.  Great intro into the tropics.  The weather has been playing nice and today is a cloudless sky with lots of sun.  Hot will be the temperature later today!


On my walk with the dogs here are some shots from the sun rising.







Life moves on here on the Caribe, slower than most places which is a nice change to the racing of San Jose.    Pura vida!!

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Rockin and a Rollin

This was a first big moment for us here in Costa Rica, our first earthquake that we actually felt.  I was in Spanish class when the building began swaying back and forth and the earth was moving all around.  Most of the earthquakes that occur on the pacific side we don’t even feel, but this one was BIG and I sure hope the people over in Nicoya are ok.  The experts have been saying to expect a large quake on the Nicoya because it is a locked plate, was this it or is there another one yet to come??


ShakeMap Intensity Image

Pura Vida!!!!

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Ah September

September is usually our transition month from really hot weather to really nice weather.  The sea usually calms down and becomes a big lake with tiny ripples of water hitting the beaches.  Hope that is the case this time too since my brother is coming for a two week visit to do some snorkeling around some of the reefs here.  The water is very warm and clear, usually, but mother nature can be tricky to predict sometimes.

big blue


These are from a week ago so there are plenty of things to see.




Last month brought us a little over 7 inches of rain compared to only 2 inches the year before, but more than half of that fell the first two days of the month.

The beat goes on here in PV, the government has passed a moratorium on future demolitions for the next two years but does not prevent the demolition of the buildings stated for the end of the year.  Nos vemos!

Pura Vida!

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