November to Remember

01 Nov

Closing in on the end of another year, time sure does fly faster the older you get.  Things here in Puerto have been mixed, a lot of little crimes and some big ones too.  Tourists are down so there is desperation with some of the thieves.   Although the police try there best and have arrested a number of these bad apples, ones still needs to be alert.

It has been really dry here of late, very little rain and the plants are beginning to wilt a bit because of it.  We are hoping it will pick up a bit this month, but that is anyone’s guess, weather here is predicted at the moment, not the future!!!


In a few days a the results of the election will be in, fingers are crossed that the American people see who the right person is for this job and put all of this racial crap away. It is the 21st century by the way, not the 17th!


I saw this amazing blue fish the other day while snorkeling, the spots on this fish glow.  There were some real interesting things out there to see, just need to spend more time in the water when it gets nice!!

Well live moves slowly here, pura vida.


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