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The New Beginning

Well, we made it to the other side without a scratch.  I did see this one thing that said, “If the Mayans were so smart in predicting the future, why aren’t they here?”  Oh well,live and learn!!

Things here keep chugging right along as we near the end of the old year 2012.  This will be our third Christmas here in Puerto and will be attending Peter’s Christmas Party, a gathering of a lot of folks that live in and around Playa Negra.

A couple of things have changed here around the house, I helped Marvin put a new roof over our gate.  The other one was too narrow and was getting the wood wet and moldy all the time.  I could not even imagine how much it would cost to replace this wood.

gate roof

You can now stand next to the gate without getting wet when it rains!!  Yea!!

I built a small arbor for our bougainvillea to grown on and finally flower.  It was planted next to the house as protection from would be folks trying to get into the windows since it is full of stickers that really hurt, but get no sun to flower.

new abor

A few other shots from around the yard and things:



This bug was flying around and looked really cool so I wasted some pixels on it!


feale sloth

This female was out in our tree one morning in our front yard.  She was having a good time.

hidding frog

This little frog was hiding in one of my bromeliads catching a few winks before night fall.


last sun on trees

The last of the day sun on the big trees out back.


male sloth

Young male sloth eating some cacao getting it’s chocolate fix for the day.


sofi nemasis

This squirrel drives Sofi crazy.


trying to hide

This hawk was trying to hide but not for long!

Feliz Navadad a todos!  Pura Vida!! 


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Before the World Ends

Well, I hope to see everyone on the other side of what happens Friday.  I just hope it doesn’t ruin our perfect December.


over the hill


Early sunrise, actually late by normal standards, it’s almost 6AM.



Light breaking on the crowded beach!!  Let’s all hope that this can continue on as planned.  Hasta La Vista Baby!

Pura Vida………..

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A December to Remember

So far this month it has been blue skies and sunshine almost every day!   Normally this is one of our rainiest months. I’ll take it, especially after last month when we only saw the sun a couple of days and mostly rain.

Yesterday was our neighborhood Christmas Party down at the Point!  Thanks guys for letting us have your place for the afternoon, the tamales were super along with all the other treats!!


The water was flat and not a breeze blowing, perfect for the gathering.



A shot of the folks gathering around the tamales which are a Christmas tradition here in Costa Rica wrapped and cooked in banana leaves.



Wouldn’t be a party without a piñata for the kids.  Took a little time but well worth it in the long run!



the aftermath

The the victor goes the spoils!!



We have another little green basilisk in our tree again, I think there is a family of these guys running around, especially since I saw the one get taken away by the hawk.


avacado tree 2

We have two different kinds of avocado trees.  One is the Punta Uva variety and the other is the Playa Negra variety.  Hopefully in a couple of years we will be swimming in guacamole.

avacado treebackyard

Our gardener came on Friday and cleaned up the garden, I sure do like it when it has just been cut and is clear of leaves.  Life in the rainforest, pura vida!

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Noviembre, se fue

Well, it was a really wet month, much needed rain fell to make the forest green once again.  Only 6 days of no rain out of the whole month, notice I didn’t say 6 sunny days.  November and December are our biggest months for rainfall here.  A lot of people come here to escape the cold of winter only to find it rainy and cold here too.  As the earth tilts and shifts so do the trade winds which bring us our moisture.  During this time of the year they say it is the summer and during the summer it is the winter, go figure.  Of late I have seen a lot of pictures in the news of folks in San Jose wrapped up in scarfs and heavy jackets as the temp dips down to 12 degrees C.  Doesn’t sound like summer to me.




It seems like our best times are during the spring and fall equinox and at the beginning of summer when we have the least amount of rain and the most sun.




So as the world turns so does PV.  Pura Vida.

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