A December to Remember

10 Dec

So far this month it has been blue skies and sunshine almost every day!   Normally this is one of our rainiest months. I’ll take it, especially after last month when we only saw the sun a couple of days and mostly rain.

Yesterday was our neighborhood Christmas Party down at the Point!  Thanks guys for letting us have your place for the afternoon, the tamales were super along with all the other treats!!


The water was flat and not a breeze blowing, perfect for the gathering.



A shot of the folks gathering around the tamales which are a Christmas tradition here in Costa Rica wrapped and cooked in banana leaves.



Wouldn’t be a party without a piñata for the kids.  Took a little time but well worth it in the long run!



the aftermath

The the victor goes the spoils!!



We have another little green basilisk in our tree again, I think there is a family of these guys running around, especially since I saw the one get taken away by the hawk.


avacado tree 2

We have two different kinds of avocado trees.  One is the Punta Uva variety and the other is the Playa Negra variety.  Hopefully in a couple of years we will be swimming in guacamole.

avacado treebackyard

Our gardener came on Friday and cleaned up the garden, I sure do like it when it has just been cut and is clear of leaves.  Life in the rainforest, pura vida!

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