Good Bye 2012!!!!

01 Jan

Wow, what a year!  Enough said!  Went out with many big bangs!!

The big thing here during New Years eve is to explode as many firecrackers as humanely possible. The police try to confiscate as many dangerous ones they can but not all.  Nothing like blowing yourself up to ring in the new year!!!


This kind of gives you the idea as to how much the sun moves along the horizon here.  June (left) to December (right). 

December started out dry but ended up being rainy.  Our yearly total was over 140 inches so that’s about average.  The average for the last 10 years is 146 inches.







The cliff has been adverted and so now everyone can breath a little easier, just have to wait what shakes out in the final. 

Broncos have home field advantage through out the playoffs, I just hope they take advantage of their advantage!

I get to pay a whole years worth of corporate tax on my corporations!!  Way exited about that.

Hopefully no surprises when I go to pay my property tax since it is all about gouging the little guys!!!

Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!!!  Bring it on 2013!


Pura vida………

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