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Rapture Migration

Twice a year we get to see the mass migration of the raptures as they fly from the north to the south and turn around and fly back north again.  Usually in October is when we see them heading south and usually in March we see them heading north.  So today was a big wave of birds heading north, a mix of vultures and hawks floating on the currents.


Heading North

They will be back again once the cold returns to the north country!!  Pura Vida…..

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Visitors in the Night

Last night we had visitors, they were hanging out in our trees making noise.  When I shined my high powered light all that could be seen were reflecting eyes.  But within minutes one pair started moving down the tree.  The Kinkajou is a nocturnal animal that forges for fruits in the night.  As they do this they make a lot of noise calling to each other as they move about the canopy.  I almost went back into the house to get my camera, but didn’t so if they reappear tonight I will be sure to get a shot of them.


kinkajou #@

This is what they look like, not very big.  It is nice to know that they are around.  Pura Vida……..

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Wikipedia seems to say it best: “The Bromeliaceae (the bromeliads) are a family of monocot flowering plants of around 3,170 species native mainly to the tropical Americas, with a few species found in the American subtropics and one in tropical west Africa, Pitcairnia feliciana. They are among the basal families within the Poales and are unique because they are the only family within the order that has septal nectaries and inferior ovaries. These inferior ovaries characterize the Bromelioideae, a subfamily of the Bromeliaceae. The family includes both epiphytes, such as Spanish moss (Tillandsia usneoides), and terrestrial species, such as the pineapple (Ananas comosus). Many bromeliads are able to store water in a structure formed by their tightly-overlapping leaf bases. However, the family is diverse enough to include the tank bromeliads, grey-leaved epiphyte Tillandsia species that gather water only from leaf structures called trichomes, and a large number of desert-dwelling succulents.”

Here in Costa Rica there are a vast number of varieties that grow here.  Too many to even name for sure.  The Botanical Garden close by that Peter operates has many since he grows many of his species from seed.  For me it is easy, I go over to Peter’s, pick out the ones I want and take them home.  I started this two summers ago and so far they have prospered.  It is very hard to kill these plants although not impossible.  These plants usually bloom once a year and then provide offspring called a pup.  Once separated from the main plant they can be planted on their own to grow and bloom.  So far I have about 7 or 8 pups growing.  I have no idea what the names of these are, but I do admire them for there unique beauty.















These are our first bougainvillea blossoms.  Amazing  what a little sun light will do for plants.  The others grow under the shade of the house and do not bloom.

paper flower


It is impressive the diversity of flora that can be found in the tropics, this is just one example.  Pura Vida…

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La Nada

Speaking of “la nada” it sure holds up to it’s name, the nothing.  Kind of sounds like a Stephen King novel, “The Nothing”!  Actually it is a weather phenomena like El Nino or La Nina, except it is nothing.  Our weather here has been just that, nothing except clear blue skies, bright sunny days and warm temperatures.  Only clocking 1/2 inch of rain so far this month is not so uncommon except there is nothing on the horizon that might suggest a change otherwise.  After all this is the “rain” forest, but no rain.

The reason why I mention this weather thing is that I have a small weather station installed at the house that logs daily temps, humidity, rainfall, pressure and other things.  The government used to operate a station in Manzanillo, but that stopped working years ago, so when things stop here they normally do not start back up.  I publish this data on  The station id is ILMONPU2.





I hope this will help people keep informed about the weather here since the closest station is in Limon at the never used airport and usually does not reflect our weather here very well and I can log a full year or more.  Pura Vida!

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One Down

January flew by kind of fast, next thing you know it will be time for the Super Bowl!  Oh yea, that’s this Sunday.  Hard to keep track of all of these important dates.

Here, January was really different than the ones past, mostly sunny and very dry.  I was able to hang clothes out to dry almost every day when normally you are lucky to get two days in the month to dry clothes!

One big reason, no rain!





Our biggest rain was a little over 1/2 inch which hardly amounts to much here.  It will be dry in just a few hours from a little rain like that.  It rained mostly during the night since the sun was always shinning during the day.  A lot of folks left here looking a bit lobsterish for their trips back home.


I am hoping that this month we will make up for lost time, I really don’t want to start watering the garden again to keep things from dying.

Crime has been kind of normal, at least no shooting or stabbings.  When I read papers like the Chicago Tribune, this place really is paradise. Not one day goes by in Chicago without at least reporting 15 murders, shootings and other associated crap.

Oh well, time to get back to being tranquillo, pura vida!

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